And on to Paris

Day 6, by Kasey

I practically skipped up the street to grab our morning croissant. It felt so good to be awake before 11 AM! It was our last morning in Bordeaux and she gave us a beautiful sunny day to say goodbye. 

We took our time getting ready for the train, careful to pack any leftovers and pungent cheese that Kelly would not want to return to after our journey to Paris. This time, we boarded the train with a full picnic; fresh blueberries, croissants, truffle cheese (my new favorite), and nice wine. However, I’m happy to report that train wine in France is good! 

Our journey to Paris was filled with laughter, good food, and Bordeaux wine. Having had 5 full days in France, we were all feeling more present in the moment; stopping to admire the countryside as it rolled gently by.

While Stephanie waited in line for train wine, she was approached by the Purser who immediately started speaking to her in French. For anyone who has seen this scene from Modern Family, it was quite the compliment! When his French outpaced comfort with the language, she asked him, “Parle-vous English”? He said “No, hablo Espanol?” So there they were, two strangers on a train in France, speaking Spanish!

We arrived in Paris feeling the full energy of the city. Our Airbnb was steps from the Louvre and surrounded by fashion. On the east end of the small street was Valentino. As we strolled down busy streets, we admired the fashion; Chanel, Dior, Versace…

We dashed past the place where Stephanie got engaged, and then slipped into the posh Hotel Le Meurice across the street from the entrance to the Tuileries Gardens. A gem Stephanie had discovered years before. We sneaked into their elusive bar area and thought we saw a John Legend siting! The decorations were dripping with old-world elegance; gilded mirrors, lush drapes, gorgeous paintings on the walls and ceilings, and the intoxicating smell of warm vanilla. It was like jumping into the deep end of a swimming pool. We sat quiet for a while, letting the outside hustle and bustle fade, taking in the scene and people-watching before dinner. 

For dinner, Kelly and Karen chose a French brasserie named Flottes. The bread was warm and accompanied by our favorite French butter! It was time for some classic French favorites; started with Oysters. Stephanie and Karen savored “the best Caesar salads they had ever had”. I was moved by the menus statement about the chef’s childhood favorite; coquilettes, fromage and jambon. I ordered it without asking anyone what it was, determined to enjoy it, and lucked out a very rich and decadent macaroni and cheese! Kelly had the sea bass with ratatouille – another classic French dish. We skipped dessert thinking we could stop at a Chocolatier on our way home but sadly they were all closed for the night. 

With full bellies and another day of happy memories, we settled in to the apartment for a good night’s sleep with high expectations for our last full day in France. 

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