Jetlag, Happy Hour, and Fish Piccata

Day 2, by Kelly

Jetlag has caught up with the girls. 2 out of 3 rose around 10:45 and the last, Stephanie, wandered into the kitchen looking bewildered and asked, “is it really 11 am?”. Laughter started our fabulous day off! We discussed plans for the day but by the time we all had coffee, showers, hair and makeup it was almost 4 pm! 

We decided to wander to an area where I knew there were a few restaurants that have happy hour. We chose the Spanish restaurant with outside seating, but the day wasn’t warm, so we ended up sitting inside. We ordered a bottle of Spanish wine, croque monsieur and a baked camembert that was warm and creamy.

We devoured the tapas and wandered through the narrow historic buildings looking for our next stop. Spouses and children back in the states were all waking up and their phones started ringing.  So funny to watch the transition of our conversations turn to catching up with loved ones. That didn’t stop our search for our next stop as we headed towards the Garonne River. Found a great pub where we chose to again sit inside.  Ordered cocktails and wine and planned for our next activity…. cooking dinner!

We had purchased fresh white fish at the open market (Marche des Capucins) on Monday and didn’t want to miss the opportunity to cook this magnificent fish while it was still fresh. We wandered home along the river, pulled out pots and pans, poured some Bordeaux wine and videoed me preparing piccata fish served over pasta and roasted squash.

We made a video of the process so you (and we) could make this savory dish at home! Bon Apetit!
The making of fish picatta in Kelly’s kitchen

Such a fun night! We finished it off with delectable chocolate, a myriad of laughter, and a little more wine.

We all found it hard to say good night but knew that we had a full day ahead of us…..chatted until too late and pulled ourselves off the sofas and headed to dreamland.

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