Crepes and Calamari

Day Three, by Kasey

We awoke to the aroma of fresh-from-the-oven Chocolate Cramiques from Aux Merveilleux de Fred. Kelly and Stephanie had gone for a quick morning stroll and brought back these delightful treats! 

We headed out to shop at some of the stores we had passed on our way to the market on day one, when we were on a mission (and truthfully, too tired to care). After a stroll through the linen shop, we found the creperie we were seeking as inspiration for the first recipe in our winter Recipe Club mailing. 

Years ago in Paris, I was so excited to savor crepes. I was more than a little disappointed when the first street vendor I found spooned Smuckers jam into a reheated crepe. 

As we walked into the creperie, I could tell right away that this was going to be a different experience! The place was packed with locals (always a good sign) and there were so many options on the menu it was difficult to choose. Kelly and I had the salmon with goat cheese, Stephanie chose the classic hame crepe followed by a chocolate drizzled crepe as dessert, and Karen chose scallops. 

But first, the wine. We selected a rosé. The label read Wine is Love. How perfect is that?!?! This was truly the inspiration we had been seeking.

The scallops in Karen’s crepes were delicious. And after befriending the staff, Stephanie captured a video of the crepe-making process in the form of a little show in the kitchen. It is clear these chefs have been making crepes for a very long time. 

With a full stomach, we headed to the grocery to gather ingredients for the second recipe to share with club members; sautéed calamari. Kelly taught Stephanie the process for selecting and weighing veggies in France, while I admired the ‘Foods in Season’ signage. So helpful!

In good spirits, we returned to the apartment to cook and video. We savored an hours-long dinner, starting with various cheeses and bread, followed by Calamari over thin noodles and topped with a garlic, shallot, and white wine sauce.

It was a full day of delightful flavors and warm conversation with amazing people. A true French experience. 

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